Lý thuyết part 2

Information questions (Wh-questions)      50%           Điu quan trọ ng cần nhớ   là chỉ khi nào 

Yes/ No questions                                         25%            hiu được ni dung câu hi mi có                    

Other types of questions                              25%             câu tr li chính xác.    


Information questions

1. Who:

Ly thông tin v 1 người or nhóm người or công ty. Câu tr li không bao gi bt đu bng Yes/ No.

-Who put the package on my desk?

 John did.

-Who told you about the job opening in the sales department?

 To be honest, I don’t really remember.

2. When/ What time:

Lấy thông tin về thời gian, mốc điểm thời gian 

Hiện tại

Quá khứ

Tương lai

Câu hỏi thường gặp:

What time…….?

What day/ month/ year….?


Chọn lựa trả lời bao gồm

Times of the day: morning, afternoon, evening

Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, weekends, weekdays

Dates: March 10, October 15th, December 25th




-What time is it? / What’s the time? Do you have the time?

 It’s 6 o’clock, sharp. (exactly)

-What day is it today?

 It’s Friday/ Monday/ Wednesday.

-What’s today’s date?

 It’s the twenty-fifth (25th). 

3. Where:

Lấy thông tin về nơi chốn, địa điểm hoặc vị trí của 1 vật. Đáp án thường là những cụm giới từ. 

-Where does he come from?

 He comes from Thailand.

On     beside  in  under
On top of   behind    at    above   
Next to   between  to below

4. Why:

Có 2 trường hợp

✓ Hỏi về mục đích, lý do:

Đáp án đúng thường bắt đầu bằng: Because

  To + V 
  For + Ving/ N/ N phrase/ Pronoun


-Why are you leaving so early?

 I have to get to work on time.

-Why aren’t the computers working?

 I think there is a problem with the main power.

✓ Nếu đi với động từ ở thể phủ định, thì nó là câu khuyên bảo, đề nghị, thuyết phục, mời mọc. Trường hợp này, câu trả lời có thể bắt đầu bằng Yes/ No.

-Why don’t  we go to the theater this evening?

That’s a good idea.

-Why don’t we eat out tonight?

 Great! I’d love to.

5. What: 

Chủ yếu hỏi về cái gì? Phạm vi trả lời rất rộng, cần nghe kỹ mới có câu trả lời chính xác.

1-Hỏi về phân loại (Classifications):

What kind of…….?

What type of…….?

What sort of…..…?


-What kind of movies do you like best?

 Thrillers are my favorite.

-What type of people will sign up for this class?

 Anyone who wants to improve his or her English.

-What sort of lodging do you need?

 Something small with terrace.

2- Hỏi về thời gian trong ngày (Time of the day): 

What time……..?

-What time does your flight leave?

 At 7:30.

-What time is the news on television?

 It’s on at 11.

3- Hỏi ý kiến (Ask for opinions):  

What do you think of/ about…….?

-What did you think of the movie?

 I didn’t like it at all./ It was great (interesting).

-What do you think of the presentation?

 I found it very informative.

4- Hỏi về sự miêu tả chung or ấn tượng or về thời tiết (Descriptions, impression, weather).

What ……look like? (trông có vẻ như thế nào)

What’s……………like? (như thế nào)


-What does your boyfriend look like?

 He’s tall and handsome./ He’s a small person.

-What is your new boos like?

 I think he’s very strict.

-What is the weather like here in the winter?

 It’s cold and often rainy.

5- Hỏi về nghề nghiệp (Occupations):       


What’s your job?

What’s your occupation?


-What do you do?

 I work in a pharmacy. I’m a pharmacist.

-What does Bill do for a living?

 He’s an airplane mechanic.

6- Hỏi về trục trặc nào đó (Ask about trouble):     

What’s the matter with……?

What’s wrong with……………?


-What’s the matter with John?

 He ate too much and doesn’t feel well.

-What’s the matter with your leg?

 It hurts. / It’s swollen.

7- Hỏi về sự vật (Things):         

What is it?  

What are they?

8- Hỏi tên (Names):    

What’s  your name?

9- What được dùng trước nhiều danh từ để hỏi câu hỏi:

-What size sweater do you wear?

 Medium, usually.

-What sports do you enjoy?

 Volleyball, football, baseball, tennis.

6. How:

Thường lấy thông tin về phương tiện, cách thức.


-How do you get to workplace?

 I drive.

-How did you get in touch with Mr. John?

 By emailing./ By calling. / By faxing.

-How does the coffee maker work?

 Just put in coffee and water, and turn it on.

1-Hỏi giá cả (Prices):

Thường thì đáp án có liên quan đến tiền

How much is it?


-How much is the dress?

 It’s 20 dollars.

-How much should I pay for the order?

 One hundred and twenty dollars.

2- Hỏi về số lượng (Quantity):


How much + uncountable noun……?

How many + plural noun……………….?


-How much milk do you need?

 Two cartons, please.

-How many people are we expecting?

 About one hundred people.

3- Hỏi ý kiến (Ask for opinions):

Đáp án đúng sẽ là trình bày ý kiến.


How do you feel about……..?

How do you like…………………?


-How did you feel about that restaurant we went to last night?

 It was nice but very expensive.

4- Hỏi phương hướng đi đến 1 địa điểm (Ask for directions):      

How……….. get to……….?

-How do I get to the post office from here?

 Walk straight ahead, then turn left.  It’s opposite  the theater. You can’t miss it.

5- Hỏi khoảng thời gian/ độ dài (The length of time): 

How long…….?

-How long have you been/lived here?

 For 2 years.


Thường thì hỏi về độ dài, đáp án đúng có tính từ đứng cuối câu.


-How long is the river?

 It’s 2.000 kilometers long.

6- Hỏi tần suất (The frequency something happens):          

How often……..?


Every ten minutes. (chu k)


-Once a month / twice a month / three times a month.

-Every day.

-Every other day.

-Every 2 weeks / every 2 months / every 2 years.


-How often do you get your pay/ your salary?

 Every 2 weeks.

7- Hỏi kích cỡ (The size):     

How big……….?     

-How big is your foot? 

I wear a size 11.

8- Hỏi về khoảng cách (The distance):  


How far is it…………….?

-How far is it from HCM city to Hanoi?

 It’s about 2 days by car.

9- Hỏi tuổi tác (The age):     

How old………?


How old are you?

-I’m 22.

 10- Hỏi sức khỏe (The health):         

How …..?


How are you?

How’ve you been?

How are you doing?

How are you getting on?


-How’s your father doing?

 He’s doing well, thanks.

11- Đề nghị ai cái gì đó or mời mọc (Offers, invitations):       

How about + Ving………..?

-How about coming to a barbecue at our house on Saturday?

 Sure, that sounds great.

12- Mốc điểm thời gian (Points of time):        

How soon………………..?

How late…………………?                


-How soon can you deliver the item?

 Next Monday at the latest.


-How late did you stay up last night completing the work?

 Until 2 in the morning.


7. Whose / Which

Whose: Dùng để hỏi chủ sở hữu của 1 vật gì đó. Chủ sở hữu có thể là 1 người, 1 bộ phận, 1 công ty.


-Whose car is it?

 It’s Tom’s. / It’s mine.

Which: Có 2 cách dùng

1  Dùng khi cần xác nhận trong số nhiều người, nhiều vật.

-Which floor is your office on?

 It’s on the second/ third/ fourth/ fifth floor.

2  Dùng để hỏi đường đi, phương hướng (Directions):    

Which way is it to………….?


Why don’t you + V………….?

How about + Ving…………..?

Let’s ……………………………….?


Đồng ý (Agreement):

That’s a good idea.

What a great idea!

That sounds good.

That’s very kind of you.

Thank you.


If it’s not too much trouble.


Không đồng ý (Disagreement):

We’d better ………..

I don’t think ……

No, thanks.

Thank you, but I can manage it.


Từ chối 1 lờ đề nghị lịch sự (Refuse polite requests):

Sorry, but……..

I’m afraid……


Đồng ý 1 lời đề nghị lịch sự (Accept polite requests):




I’d be glad to.

I’d be happy to.

That would be great.                             

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